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High-precision machines and custom-fit solutions

The JUNKER Group at the FEIMEC

The JUNKER Group will be exhibiting its NUMERIKA corundum grinding machine in running operation and the AC 3002 CIP air filter from LTA at the FEIMEC in São Paulo from April 24 - 28, 2018. Find us at booth E251.

NUMERIKA: Rapid product changeover for flexible series production

When it comes to production flexibility, NUMERIKA is the name to watch. This corundum grinding machine is a specialist in the series production of wide-ranging different workpieces. Several types of any workpiece family can be stored in the CNC control system, allowing a quick changeover from one workpiece to another in production. For a trouble-free production sequence, the NUMERIKA is available with an automatic loading and unloading system.

With this robust corundum grinding machine for conventional grinding, JUNKER is offering the ideal complement to its CBN high-speed grinding machines. The NUMERIKA grinds elements such as flanges and journals on crankshafts as well as gear, turbocharger and cardan shafts with the utmost precision and reliability. Our customers also benefit from the JUNKER Group's global service network.The grinding wheel can be easily changed over in order to machine particularly hard materials. Exchanging a corundum grinding wheel for a diamond one takes just a few simple steps. The external cylindrical grinding machines come with a robust machine bed, hydrostatic guides, and grinding spindles mounted on rolling or hydrostatic bearings as standard. A user-friendly control system offers all the necessary input screens for precision corundum grinding. This results in workpieces with outstanding surface quality.

The AC 3002 CIP electrostatic air filter from LTA

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH will be showcasing a milestone achievement in air filtration for metal cutting applications: The new electrostatic air filter AC 3002 CIP uses only filter elements which can be cleaned any optional number of times using an automatic flushing process – totally without the use of chemical additives or diluted solutions.

The AC 3002 CIP is a compact-design electrostatic air filter for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist with a clean-in-place function. This sustainable concept marks a technological milestone for clean air in the metal industry. The innovative combination of regenerative filter elements and automatic flushing device allows the filters to be cleaned any optional number of times. This benefits the environment and also drives down costs by eliminating the need for disposal and the procurement of replacement filters. The filter elements of the AC 3002 CIP are cleaned by the cooling lubricant of the grinding machine: It is fed directly into the nozzle pieces fitted with special flushing nozzles which are located in the interior of the filtration system. After cleaning, the contaminated flushing medium flows back to the central system. Fresh cooling lubricant is transported from here during the next flushing cycle.

The automatic CIP flushing device developed by LTA provides manufacturers with a major advantage, as it means the filter inserts no longer need to be removed for cleaning. This reduces the work load involved for the machine operator to simply performing a visual inspection of the components. The solution not only improves process reliability but also reduces other operating expenses and handling risks – meaning an overall reduction in costs.

The electrostatic air filter AC 3002 CIP from LTA also provides a solution for a range of applications and machining tasks involving a high aerosol volume and degree of contamination.

JUNKER Services: Individual solutions to address stringent demands

Customers receive far more than simply a grinding machine: Behind every JUNKER machine is a specifically adapted concept, allowing customers to speed up and improve their production. This is only possible with the extensive fund of expertise and many years of accumulated experience offered by the company’s specialists. For over 55 years, JUNKER has made its mark on the world of grinding technology with its high-precision machines and innovative technologies.

JUNKER plans the entire production process: from profiling through coating of the grinding wheels to the individual machine settings. JUNKER also benefits from its own Technology Center. This is where grinding experts have the chance to test production sequences, reducing or even eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly test runs on the customer’s premises. This ensures that JUNKER grinding machines are quickly and simply ready to go straight into production.

JUNKER Group: Grinding solutions from specialists for specialists

The JUNKER Group covers everything from machines and services to technology and equipment. With a workforce of over 1500 in 14 locations, this owner-managed company group is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of machines for CBN and corundum grinding. Machines and plants from JUNKER are used predominantly in the automotive and tool industries.

Quick retooling for flexible small series: It may sound extraordinary, but JUNKER makes it happen with the NUMERIKA cylindrical grinding machine from Zema. JUNKER will be showcasing these and other grinding technology innovations at the FEIMEC trade fair from 24 to 28 April 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil.

24th - 28th APRIL 2018 SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

The NUMERIKA corundum grinding machine is configured for the series production of different workpieces. Optimized for integration into production lines, it comes with a high level of automation.

The AC 3002 CIP electrostatic air filter from LTA for the extraction of oil and emulsion works using regenerating filter elements and an automatic flushing device.