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Double-wheel surface grinding machines

The SATURN double-wheel surface grinding machines from JUNKER can be used to machine large series with high standards for flexible changeovers. The machine features automatic loading and unloading of workpieces and easily changeable grinding wheels. A movable slide system for feeding in the blanks makes for convenient machine setup and preparation.

SATURN double-wheel surface grinding machines use two vertical grinding wheels to grind the workpiece simultaneously on its parallel face sides. Through-feed grinding positions the wheels slightly conically to each other so that the workpiece does not reach its final dimension until it exits the grinding zone. With plunge-cut grinding, the grinding wheels are arranged exactly parallel to each other. The workpiece driver turns continuously at low speed. Both grinding wheels feed simultaneously until reaching the final dimension.


The SATURN double-wheel surface grinding machines from JUNKER can grind a wide range of workpieces (including cylindrical and symmetric). The machine can grind brake disks, cardan joints, connecting rods, pistons or stamped parts of any kind. It also has options for coupling components, ball retainers, cams and rolling elements in a wide range of types. SATURN double-wheel surface grinding machines are also ideal for machining heavy workpieces, such as valve plates and bearing and pump housing.

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