Sustainable investment with RETROFiT

Fit for the future

Investing in RETROFiT for your JUNKER grinder provides the following benefits: converting or upgrading existing machines can result in considerable savings in comparison to investing in a new machine. Updating older grinding machines for new workpieces, quality requirements, or safety regulations also leads to sustainable increases in productivity and efficiency.

Upgrades extend the already long service life of JUNKER products. Updating to the latest technology not only increases production volume and product quality, but also improves energy efficiency and occupational safety. Replacement of assemblies for which spare parts are no longer available allows for reliable, predictable production as only systems that run smoothly guarantee high productivity. Integration in complex automation systems and the latest IT environments results in further savings for production. A RETROFiT by JUNKER is also a quick, efficient way to equip your production for new challenges in a short period of time.

From fine tuning to a general overhaul, anything is possible with JUNKER RETROFiT. Many aspects of existing systems and grinding machines can be adapted to suit the latest challenges. For example, new drives and guides reduce energy consumption and increase the quality of the workpieces. Additional automation solutions and innovative measuring and control systems help lower costs while increasing productivity and quality. Exchanging individual assemblies or a complete conversion increases the service life and availability of the entire system.

JUNKER’s RETROFiT experts are at your side with advice right from the very start. During the planning phase, they will analyze your requirements and identify the profitable, customized solutions available. We will thoroughly inspect your existing grinding machine and document the individual components. Our technicians will then implement the modification either on-site or at a JUNKER plant – all while maintaining the same exceptional quality as with a new machine. Following the RETROFiT, our technicians test the machine is and then re-integrate it into production.

RETROFiT with JUNKER reduces investment costs, extends service life, and increases productivity and quality. RETROFiT is an easy and efficient way to make any production process fit for the challenges that lie ahead.