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Electrostatic air filtration system E 120-HCIP-2 from LTA

Gentle on the environment, tough on aerosols

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH represents a milestone on the route towards cleaner air in metal cutting: The new electrostatic air filter E 120-HCIP-2 is exclusively fitted with regenerative filter elements. These can be cleaned as often as required using an automatic flushing device – completely without the use of chemical additives or diluted solutions.

The E 120-HCIP-2 is a compact electrostatic air filter for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist featuring a cleaning-in-place function. This sustainable concept represents a technological milestone on the route towards clean air in metal cutting. The innovative combination of regenerative filter elements and automatic flushing device allows filters to be cleaned as often as required. This is not only gentle on the environment, but also drives down costs: There is no longer any need to dispose of or purchase spare filters.

The filter elements of the E 120-HCIP-2 are cleaned by the grinding machine's cooling lubricant: It is fed directly into nozzle assemblies equipped with special flushing nozzles which are located inside the filtration system. Following the cleaning process, the soiled flushing medium flows back to the central plant. From here, fresh cooling lubricant is transported for the next flushing process.

When planning and designing the new electrostatic precipitation system, LTA made a conscious decision not to follow the general trend towards low-maintenance mechanical air filters. Because in contrast to the “disposable filters" used by mechanical systems, these regenerative ESP elements help to save both resources and ultimately also the environment.

Mechanical filters entail a growing energy requirement as they reach an ever higher saturation level, while at the same time the extraction volume diminishes. ESP filters are characterized by a very high degree of efficiency, as they work practically without loss of pressure. This guarantees a consistently high filtration efficiency and long-term operational safety. In addition, the performance of the fans is reduced to a minimum.

Mechanical filtration systems used to offer a benefit due to their significantly lower maintenance requirement: Electrostatic precipitation systems are subject to regular and careful maintenance and cleaning. To date, this always required the filtration elements to be removed. However, removal, cleaning and replacement entail a risk of incorrect handling and damage to the filtration elements.

The automatic CIP flushing device developed by LTA has eliminated this advantage, as there is no longer any need to remove the filter inserts. As a result, all the machine operator needs to do is carry out a visual inspection of the components. This increases process reliability on the one hand and reduces operating costs and handling risks on the other – meaning lower overall costs.

The electrostatic air filter E 120-HCIP-2 from LTA also solves a variety of applications and machining operations involving high volumes of aerosol and heavy soiling.