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JUCRANK 6S 10-10 from JUNKER and NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS from ZEMA

JUNKER and ZEMA crank up their success together

The JUNKER JUCRANK 6S 10-10 and the ZEMA NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS grinding machines deliver the best results for crankshaft line machining.

The project is based on grinding crankshafts with a length of 550mm and total weight of 22kg the grinding is split into two process. Main and pin journals are ground using CBN technology on the JUCRANK 6S 10-10. Thereafter the flange and post ends are ground in one setup using corundum grinding technology in the NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS.

This project marks the first time that a JUNKER table assembly is integrated into the NUMERIKA G series from ZEMA. With the ZEMA double-end grinding spindle and B-axis both ends of a crankshaft can be ground sequentially in an angle or straight grinding approach. With a clamping length of 1200mm and a 280mm swing diameter the machine matches the parts specification of this project. The combination of the JUNKER High Speed CBN grinder in combination with the ZEMA corundum Grinder provide a line concept with many benefits. Not only does this machine line lower procurement costs, it also reduces floor space. Due to its ability to grind flange- and post-ends with either contoured grinding wheels in an angular plunge cut or with narrower straight wheels and multi-plunge cuts, this innovative machine line provides maximum flexibility and perfectly matched cycle times for high volume production and qualification runs.