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High-precision and intelligent machines with partner4JU

JUNKER Group at the GrindTec

With its leading-edge technology and minimal downtimes, this machine enables economical production. The Jucam 1S from Junker is a specialist in the ultra-precise, efficient grinding of cam pieces. This and further grinding technology innovations will be presented by Junker at the industry trade show GrindTec in Augsburg (Germany) from March 14 - 17, 2018.

JUCAM 1S: Economical grinding of cam pieces

At the core of the JUCAM is a double workhead with two clamping fixtures that can be swiveled 180 degrees to a precisely defined end position. The workpiece, currently in the loading position, is transported to the grinding position using a fully automated process. At the same time, the second workpiece transitions from the grinding to the discharge position, reducing downtimes to a minimum.

Thus, the JUCAM 1S enables automotive manufacturers and suppliers to achieve extremely economical cam piece grinding. The JUNKER non-cylindrical grinding machine is also a specialist in the efficient package grinding of single cams.

When grinding cam pieces, the precise angular reference to the inner gear is essential. Therefore, the JUCAM 1S clamps the cam pieces with an hydraulic expansion mandrel. The high quality standards demanded by the automotive industry are fully met by the "cam piece specialist” with its intelligent control system. This compensates automatically for material deviations or disturbance variables such as temperature fluctuations, guaranteeing that all components are conforming to a constant standard.

For maximum repeatability, a long service life and high stock removal performance coupled with a consistently high standard of quality, CBN in a range of specifications is used as an abrasive. Depending on the application, the grinding wheels contain a carbon base body: it is light-weight, has vibration-damping properties and remains dimensionally stable even at high speeds.

With its JUCAM 1S, JUNKER is offering far more than just a grinding machine. The company’s performance promise includes delivery and installation of the machine as well as a grinding process ready designed according to the customer's wishes and production requirements. Thus, the JUNKER JUCAM 1S is combining the non-cylindrical grinding of cams with the cylindrical grinding of bearings.

NUMERIKA: Fast product change for flexible series production

The Name NUMERIKA stands for flexibility in production as well. The corundum grinding machine is specialized in series production of various work pieces The CNC control, can accept several types of one workpiece family. This way the production can be changed fast from one workpiece to another. For the smooth production process, the NUMERIKA can be designed with an automatic loading and unloading system.

This robust corundum grinding machine for conventional grinding is an ideal addition to the JUNKER CBN high speed grinding machines. For example, the NUMERIKA is grinding flanges and pins on crankshafts as well as transmission, turbo loader and drive shafts precisely and reliably.

partner4JU: Intelligent machines for intelligent production

Always a step ahead of the trend: for over 10 years the grinding expert has been focusing consequently on the digitalization of the machines - which has been the prerequisite for Industry 4.0. Extensive data acquisition and evaluation of machine and process data have been state of the art at JUNKER for a long time. This way the machines and equipment is prepared for worldwide networking and communication.

The ,,partner4JU” digitalization program describes the next step in this development: JUNKER is adapting the digitalization of the machines exactly to customer requirements. The base for this consequent further development is the reference architecture model Industry 4.0 (RAM 4.0) which allows for individual integration of machines and equipment in all areas of the organization. Thereby partner4JU ensures the comprehensive quality improvement and production flexibility.

JUNKER technology partner: individual solutions for high expectations

JUNKER is always looking for and finding individual solutions for special tasks for their customers. This is only possible with the extensive know-how and experience of our experts. For more than 50 years JUNKER has been influencing the grinding technology with high precision equipment and innovative technologies. The customer, however, receives more than a grinding machine: behind each machine is a specifically adapted concept allowing the customer to increase and improve production.

JUNKER is planning the entire production process: from profiling to coating of the grinding wheels to individual machine setup. Additionally JUNKER has its own technology center. Here the grinding experts are testing the production process. Time consuming and therefore expensive test runs at the customers are reduced or eliminated altogether. This way JUNKER grinding machines are ready for fast and easy operation.

JUNKER Group: Grinding solutions from specialists for specialists

The JUNKER group is active in the machine, services, technology and equipment sectors. With over 1500 employees at 14 locations, the owner-lead group of companies is one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers for CBN and corundum grinding. Machines and equipment are mainly used in the automotive and tooling industries.

At the GrindTec Industry Trade Show in Augsburg from March 14 to 17, 2018, JUNKER will be presenting the JUCAM 1S as well as the corundum grinding machine NUMERIKA live in action. Additionally, the world market leader in CBN grinding will inform about "partner4JU", the further development of the JUNKER digitalization adapted to customer requirements during a lecture on the ground floor of the convention center on March 14, 2018 at 1.00 p.m. You will find the JUNKER booth in Hall 5, Booth 5003. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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With its leading-edge technology and minimal downtimes, the JUCAM 1S from JUNKER enables the economical production of cam pieces.

The non-cylindrical grinding machine JUCAM 1S from JUNKER grinds cam pieces and single cam packages with the utmost precision and efficiency.

The NUMERIKA corundum grinding machine is designed for series production of various work pieces. Optimized for the integration of production lines with high automation levels.