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Time-saving grinding of large workpieces


The new NUMERIKA GH 3500 2W corundum grinding machine from the JUNKER Group synchronously machines large workpieces, such as axle beams, rotors or shafts, with two wheel heads. This reduces cycle times by more than half, making this sturdy, low-maintenance machine an excellent choice for producing high quantities.

With the NUMERIKA series from ZEMA, the JUNKER Group offers economical and reliable cylindrical grinding machines with corundum. This range is now being extended to include the NUMERIKA GH 3500 2W, a machine with two wheel heads with their own compound slide rest. In comparison to the one-carriage machine, in which the workpiece is initially turned and machined using two clamping operations, synchronous machining of both sides of the workpiece reduces the total cycle time by more than half. The ability to carry out all machining in a single clamping set-up also raises quality. Thanks to its equipment and high level of automation, it is particularly suitable for users who mainly machine large quantities of big workpieces.

Powerful XL machine

The new NUMERIKA grinds workpieces with a weight of up to 350 kilograms, or even up to 1000 kg with the optional KARGO version. The largest version is designed with a clamping length of up to 3000 millimeters, a two-sided grinding length of 780 millimeters and a peripheral diameter of up to 650 millimeters. The large grinding disc packets with a maximum diameter of up to 915 millimeters and correspondingly longer service life result in longer tool lives.

Compact design

Despite its power, the NUMERIKA GH 3500 2W impresses with its carefully-considered and compact design, which also ensures that the machine can even be loaded from above in halls where the ceiling is less than five meters high. On request, the JUNKER Group can also equip the machine with fully automatic loading and unloading systems to ensure production runs smoothly.

Low maintenance thanks to hydrostatic technology

The NUMERIKA is extremely low maintenance thanks to the proven ZEMA hydrostatic technology. The workpiece and wheel head spindles are mounted on hydrostatic bearings, the X and Z-axes of the compound slide rests are hydrostatic as well. A fine layer of oil enables virtually perfect spindle rotation with constant shaft centering and uniform, jolt-free movement of the compound slide rest, which can be positioned with great precision. As there is no metal-to-metal contact, less energy is required for the drive and wear is reduced. At the same time, the hydraulic medium provides permanent cooling and acts as an excellent vibration damper.

Easy handling and operation

Each of the two work heads are driven with the same power. This increases the torque transmission and quickly brings heavy workpieces to high speeds. In addition, supporting steadies stabilize longer workpieces, ensuring faster grinding with better quality. With the NUMERIKA GH 3500 2W, ZEMA meets the highest requirements with regard to quality and efficient production. The torsionally rigid machine bed also helps to deliver perfect grinding results. Customers also opt for the machine due to its ease of use. The user-friendly control system offers all required input screens for precise grinding and outstanding surface quality.

A ZEMA machine with JUNKER services

As part of the JUNKER Group, ZEMA has JUNKER’s global sales and service network at its disposal, which has impressed discerning manufacturers for years. They are looked after by trained employees and, if necessary, receive immediate assistance around the world, 24/7.

ZEMA corundum grinding machine

The NUMERIKA GH 3500 2W from the JUNKER Group synchronously machines workpieces by using two wheel heads.

Axle shafts

The two grinding spindles on the NUMERIKA reduce the total cycle time by more than half.