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Digitization of grinding machines from JUNKER

Ready for intelligent production

Digitalization with grinding machines from JUNKER

The requirements and technical prerequisites relating to the digitalization of machine tools – essential for Industry 4.0 – are as varied as our client’s products. Which is why recording, documenting and analyzing machine, product and process data has been part of our day-to-day business for over ten years. We have experience in how to efficiently store, analyze, and document data so that it can be called up for many applications and various different systems.

Our machine tools are equipped with a PC-supported, powerful CNC control system which forms the central linchpin in terms of data collection. We make this data available to our customers in such a way that it can be easily processed via their interface to the server using software analysis tools. For evaluation at the machine, we offer a variety of formats which enable direct analysis. And of course, our customers can install their own tools on Junker machines.

Customers and their processes benefit from our experience, advice, and technology. We respond flexibly to specifications and optimize solutions until we have fulfilled requirements. The advantages for our customers are clear, we adapt our machines to suit customers’ needs because we are willing and able to do so. This means that ultimately almost every machine tool is tailor-made.

Real-time data acquisition for assessing and optimizing machines, and process capability and machine availability evaluations are already state of the art at Junker. Applications such as independent machine maintenance requests or tracing produced parts by serial number are also possible. Digitalization thus helps companies to make decisions, minimizes errors, allows them to respond quickly to problems and optimize processes in addition to increasing productivity. It is developing at a rapid pace; virtual commissioning, independent communication and automated data exchange between machines and production facilities as part of day-to-day operations will soon be conceivable – all around the world. Junker machine tools are already well prepared for this.

In order to successfully implement Industry 4.0, cross-departmental collaboration is required. Here at Junker, we have been working in this way for a long time. Engineers, software developers, and IT specialists all work together on new technologies. Even Procurement and Logistics, Production and Service mutually benefit from data exchange and information flows. Thus, Junker continues to set benchmarks over the long term in terms of efficiency, innovation, and intelligent production.