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LTA VC60 Luftreiniger in Verkaufsräumen

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Active protection in cafés and retail spaces

Thanks to its unique combination of a highly efficient, electrostatic main filter and additional HEPA post-filter, the Virus Cleaner VC 60 actively protects against viruses, bacteria, pollen and other germs. The air purifier is ideal for offering customers and employees protection they can trust in cafés and in retail spaces such as bakeries or butchers. The virus concentration, particularly in enclosed spaces, is reduced significantly, limiting the possible risk of infection. The result is a pleasant and healthy room climate, which also leaves the air free from any unpleasant odors.

The air filter reliably meets all applicable requirements from industry and authorities, without compromise. The effectiveness of the filtration method has been confirmed by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and DIN EN 1822. The Virus Cleaner VC 60 air purifier is designed for removal of microorganisms and biogenic substances, as an additional protective measure to build confidence.

LTA VC60 Luftreiniger

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