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The non-cylindrical grinding machine JUNKER JUCAM 1S 20-18

Simultaneous grinding of cams and bearings


Engine and pump manufacturers around the world rely on the JUCAM series for one simple reason: The non-cylindrical grinding machines win them over with their maximum precision grinding results. And with just a single clamping set-up.

From camshafts and cam pieces to individual cams of all batch sizes – one JUCAM can process workpieces of different shapes and types, ranging from diverse cam shapes with or without chamfer or radius. Cylindrical/conical shapes can be created as can concave/convex and polygonal/elliptical shaped parts or workpieces with tangents.



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The newly developed JUCAM 1S 20-18 grinds cams and bearings simultaneously, resulting in particularly short cycle times. In general, the new JUCAM represents the next evolutionary step of a fully mature machine concept, in order to provide a higher output volume. The mechanics, software and technology are tried-and-tested and have already proven successful.

Thus, the latest generation JUCAM impresses with highlights which JUNKER customers already value on other systems in the series. This includes the maximum repeat accuracy and minimized undulation thanks to the CBN or diamond abrasive.




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