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Expansion of filtration systems for coolants

Budget-Friendly, Efficient and Sustainable

LTA coolant filters for oil and emulsion mist are low-maintenance and budget-friendly for industry and trade. These filtration systems efficiently and sustainably provide clean air in production plants.

LTA mechanical systems increased its product range with the addition of M 60-CMP, M 150-CMP, M 250-CMP, and M 400-CMP with 230V or 400V options. The new systems with pre- and main filters offer extraction capacity from 600 to 4000 m3/h for both oil and emulsion applications. Using inertial separation, the prefilter removes solid, aerosol, and coarse particles from the air. The main filter then captures emulsion or oil aerosols. Clean air exits the air filter blower via the post-filter.

The filtration systems impress with their modular design adaptable to any industrial application’s requirements. Fast and simple replacement of the fi lter inserts also ensures low-cost servicing. Flow-optimized air fi lters increase process reliability while minimizing downtimes. The coolant filters have a routinely high collection efficiency while reducing energy costs and permanently increasing operational reliability.

A separate control cabinet and a post filter-box with HEPA cartridge enable continuous monitoring of exhaust emissions. The main filter element with coalescing cartridges separates either oil or emulsion.

With standardized filtration systems and numerous custom solutions, LTA Lufttechnik GmbH has the ideal concept for any ambient condition. Whether large or small scale production – all LTA systems adapt flexibly to a wide range of applications.