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Focus on Environmental Protection and emission reduction

State Representative Thomas Marwein's visit with the JUNKER Group

Thomas Marwein, the State Representative for the district of Offenburg visited the Junker Group in Nordrach on March 9, 2018. Onsite, he was able to see the grinding machine manufacturer's commitment for the environment for himself.

At the start of the informative afternoon, Erwin Junker, the founder of the company, prepared the state representative for the plant tour. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Manufacturer and his visitor exchanged ideas about the possibilities and challenges of the future of drive technology. All agreed that Erwin Junker's life's motto: "Whatever you do - act intelligently and always consider the final outcome", was a perfect fit for this discussion.

The responsible use of resources and energy is reflected on multiple levels in the JUNKER Group: at the company's locations, in the work processes, in the highly-innovative grinding machines and in the development of future technologies and processes. Mr. Rochus Mayer, the company's CEO, emphasized: "We already focus on environmental compatibility and reduction of emissions in the engineering phase."

And the results speak for themselves: Depending on each customer's requirements, the machines are optimized for energy efficiency. This makes energy savings of up to 60 percent possible, additionally reducing CO2 emissions and increasing sustainability. Mr. Rochus Mayer added: "On the supply side, we also pay attention to environmentally friendly and durable components."

The JUNKER Group CEO added "that their customers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers also profit from the numerous developments of the electro mobility. JUNKER is currently developing new processes and technologies for our customer's component production for the E mobility. At the same time we are continuously working on innovative machines for novel components. These allow emission reductions in combustion engines as well as making transmission and drive systems more efficient. Additionally, we support manufacturers and suppliers with the development of innovative components upon request".

It was no coincident that simultaneously with the visit of the state representative there was a team of a world leading automotive manufacturer in Nordrach:  The experts were onsite for the pre-acceptance of machines for the production of a drive shaft for a hybrid car. "It is a rarity in Germany that a small village in such idyllic landscape is home to an industry-leading worldwide manufacturer. However, it is typical for the state of Baden Wuerttemberg", Mr. Thomas Marwein mentioned and was quite impressed by the innovative and creative power of his countrymen. He added: "I am very happy to be able to form my own opinion of the great know how and impressive technology of Junker here at the company's headquarters."

As a member of the Buendnis 90/the Greens Party, Thomas Marwein, is "by nature" quite aware of the challenges of environmental protection. One of the most important tasks is also clean air: The Offenburg state representative and the Corporate Manager of the Nordrach company were in agreement on this issue. Rochus Mayer emphasized: "Environmental protection at Junker not only focuses on energy efficiency, but also on clean air. Therefore all our grinding machines are always equipped with air filtration systems."

The high efficiency filters are manufactured by LTA Lufttechnik GmbH. The company that was founded in Achern in 1980 has been part of the JUNKER Group since 1995 and is also headquartered in Nordrach. LTA is a technology leader in the industry with almost 40 years of experience. Currently, the company has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and the US. It's newest development is the world's first self-cleaning compact filtration system. It makes the recovery of the coolant possible and filters even the smallest particles reliably.

All of Junker's worldwide locations are certified according to ISO 14001 2015, the international environmental management norm. All environmental certificates with validity until 2020, were already confirmed at the beginning of the year. Rochus Mayer emphasized the JUNKER Group's goals: "We want to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions continuously." This is implemented at the Nordrach location among other things with a wood chip heating system. It generates heat for the entire location with renewable resources. Only on really cold days, additional long distance heating is required. The wood chip system is only a part of the comprehensive project: A compressed air system in the heating system enables the heat recovery. And a wood carburetor was installed for the generation of electricity.

Being an engineer himself, Thomas Marwein is quite familiar with technical topics. It is therefore no wonder that the State Representative is quite interested in the "environmental data" of the machines. He was informed that Junker always works on energy optimization of their machines. The sustainable commitment is valuable: With innovative developments - for example frequency regulated hydraulic pumps and demand-oriented coolant aggregates - substantial savings could be achieved. A grinding machine for the production of camshafts for example requires 51% less energy and 21% less coolant. The reduction of noise emissions is also a declared goal. Mr. Rochus Mayer explained: "The noise level of the grinding machines is under 75dB (A). That is comparable to the noise level in an open-plan office or cafeteria."

Thomas Marwein with plant manager Tobias Armbruster.