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LTA values customer proximity through both the development of filtration solutions adaptable to customer requirements as well as after-sales support. The professional support and comprehensive service provided by LTA’s technician network ensure the best possible filter system availability. Preventative maintenance schedules demonstrate the best procedures for maintaining the highest operational safety, which help to avoid production downtime and increase the service life of the systems.

The new service partner network from LTA creates the basis for prompt and effective maintenance work, inspections, repairs, and replacement parts. The service partners selected by LTA Lufttechnik GmbH provide the highest quality service according to industry standards.

An intelligent maintenance concept is the key to high productivity and maximum availability. LTA maintenance includes meticulously cleaning and inspecting the necessary mechanical and electrical components, attachments, and safety equipment. After maintenance, tests performed on the unit verify system function followed by commissioning and a performance report.

As part of the maintenance agreement (included with services package) preventative maintenance checks are performed at specified intervals according to a schedule. These regular inspections ensure the highest possible operational safety, thereby avoiding production downtime and increasing service life.

LTA Luftfilter AC3002


  • Qualified service partners nearby
  • Exceptional availability and operating safety
  • Low organizational expenses with predictable costs


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