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Status monitoring for grinding spindles

RETROFiT “Status monitoring for grinding spindles”, detects bearing damage in grinding spindles at an early stage and avoids unplanned machine downtime. Bearing damage has a negative economic impact, as it often shuts down the affected machine, or even the entire production line. Depending on the installation location and complexity of a machine, bearing damage can take several hours to repair.

JUNKER’s retrofittable grinding spindle monitoring system informs operators about imminent bearing damage. The vibration behavior of the grinding spindles is analyzed and monitored using retrofitted sensors and an evaluation unit. Early warning of bearing damage allows for quick ordering of spare parts. Maintenance can be planned and carried out without costly downtimes.

Package scope:

  • Software package
  • Installation


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Better planning of maintenance work
  • Increased machine availability

Contact our experts: retrofit@junker.de

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