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JUMAXIMAT - Cutting tool grinding machines

Cutting tool grinding

In the JUMAXIMAT, the threaded tool is ground either unsupported or with tailstock support. A steady can be used for stabilization. Requirement-based loading systems ensure a smooth production sequence. A CNC dressing unit creates all the profile shapes.


  • Automatic coolant pipe adjustment
  • 20 kW grinding spindle
  • Rapid retooling

Grinding process descriptions

HSS tap: M24, straight fluted
Cycle time: < 208 s
Grinding task: Grinding four chip grooves, and peel grooves with chamfer and bevel

Groove and chamfer grinding dia. 6 – 42 mm

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Technical data: JUMAXIMAT

Grinding Length
350 mm
Clamping Length
400 mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter
250-175 mm

Equipment and Options


The Erwin Junker Operator Panel was specifically developed to control grinding machines. All machine components are controlled using the operator panel – irrespective of the series and the used control system. The identical structure, intuitive menu guidance and visualization of the workpiece geometry make for extreme user convenience and flexibility in operation. Programming takes place directly using the operator panel or an external programming tool.


Grinding wheel dressing is CNC controlled. A driven diamond dressing wheel or a workpiece-dependent diamond profile roller can be used. Dressing takes place manually or using an automatic dressing program with grinding wheel compensation.


The machine bed made of mineral cast provides impressive damping behavior and torsional rigidity. The temperature stability allows fluctuations in the ambient temperature to be compensated with a minimum of effort, ensuring a high level of dimensional stability throughout the whole day.


Depending on the application, the abrasive CBN or diamond is used. The basic bodies of the grinding wheels comprise steel or carbon. In conjunction with CBN, it can make sense to use a carbon base body: It is light, has vibration-damping properties and remains dimensionally stable even at high speeds.


JUNKER offers both internal and external loading systems for all its machine series, depending on customer and workpiece requirements. The loading systems can be combined with different infeed and discharge systems such as conveyor belts or custom tailored systems.


The measurement systems are also individually adjusted to the various workpieces and customer specifications. The measurement processes entail evaluating the recorded measured values and utilizing them for measurement correction in line with the prepared measurement strategy. A grinding wheel measuring system to determine the diameter, axial position and width of the grinding wheel completes the wide range of systems on offer.


In case of an fire, the machine interior is automatically hermetically sealed, suffocating a fire before it has a chance to spread. If required, extinguishers (CO² or water mist systems) and exhaust air purification systems can be additionally installed. A competent partner for fire protection and filtration solution solutions is LTA Lufttechnik GmbH, which also belongs to the JUNKER Group and which researches, develops and produces filtration systems for industrial air purification.

The Filtration systems


  • Milling cutters
  • Tap drill
  • Thread former
  • Countersink
  • Reamers
  • Counterbore

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