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JUDISC - Brake disc grinding machines

Innovative and unique process

Alongside tire wear and the combustion of fossil fuels, brake abrasion contributes to the high particulate pollution caused by vehicles with combustion engines and electric or hybrid drives. Drastically tight limits were defined as part of the Euro 7 regulations. And the automotive industry needs innovative technical solutions to reduce this contamination.

A series process, in which laser cladding provides brake discs with high-quality corrosion protection and a wear-resistant hard coating, is now available to reduce brake-related particulate emissions. This innovative hard coating process leads to high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistance. Friction between brake disc and brake pads is reduced by perfectly aligning hard coated layers and brake pads. Brake performance increases and wear is reduced what results in less particulate pollution resulting from the brake system.

Judisc Schleifmaschine


  • JUNKER grinding machine for hard-coated brake discs
  • Innovative and unique grinding process
  • Highly reduced retooling costs
  • High productivity
  • Low operating costs
  • Fast Processing speeds
  • Optimal material utilization

Grinding process descriptions

JUNKER offers brake disc coating and grinding innovations, allowing optimum friction pairing and reduced particulate emissions. During the grinding process, the brake disc is simultaneously ground on its parallel sides with two opposing grinding wheels.

This state-of-the-art manufacturing process achieves perfect flatness and precise axial runout, and the coating thickness deviation is significantly reduced. Another advantage are the fast processing speeds, which guarantee high productivity.

Years of grinding experience ensure a homogeneous and mirrored surface of the friction rings, with precise axial run-out,
minimal thickness deviations (DTV) and perfect parallelism.

Circumferential grinding

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Technical data: JUDISC

Component Weight
bis 30 kg
Grinding Wheel Diameter
500 mm
WxDxH mm (without peripherals)
4.440 x 2.400 x 2.320
10.000 kg

Equipment and Options

Zero-point clamping system

The zero-point clamping system is quick, easy to handle and flexible. Maximum clamping precision of the brake disc is achieved with the pull-in function of the zero-point clamping system that guarantees optimum clamping force and maximum precision for every brake disc model. The ingenious accessory philosophy reduces set-up times to a minimum.

Grinding spindle

The two 30 kW grinding spindles are equipped with infinite variable speed control, precise roller bearings and a ball screw spindles directly driven by a servo motor ensure efficient production.


The Erwin JUNKER Operator Panel was specially developed to operate grinding machines. All machine components are controlled thru the operator panel. Design is identical with other JUNKER products. Menu navigation and visualization of the work piece geometry are simple and make operation extremely user-friendly and flexible. Programming is carried out directly on the control panel or thru an external office programming tool.

Machine base

The mineral cast machine bed construction of the JUDISC impresses with its dampening behavior and its rigidity. Thermal stability of the machine bed easily compensates variations in ambient temperature and ensures high dimensional stability throughout the day. The L-shape of the machine base offers good accessibility for changing grinding wheels.

Loading system

JUNKER offers various loading systems depending on customer requirements. The JUDISC part exchange can be done easily thru an external robot that exchanges the brake disc directly to the loading/unloading side of the work piece swivel unit with low to non impact of productive times.

Dressing unit

The dressing system is mounted on the work piece swivel unit and achieves precise concentricity and the correct geometry. Its location is ideal and guarantees fast swivel-in and dressing.

LTA air filter

Exhaust air purification systems can be installed upon request. LTA Lufttechnik GmbH is a competent partner for air filtration solutions. The company belongs to the JUNKER Group and researches, develops and produces filtration systems for industrial air purification.

Measuring system

The measuring system is mounted in the loading and unloading area and measures diameters and radial tracks on the two friction rings. Pre-process measurements determine the target values for grinding and check for correct work piece clamping. All measurements takes place during the grinding time and are therefore cycle-time neutral. Correction and compensation of the grinding process is done automatically.


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